Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Up to my ears in words

A writer's life.  Forget those visions of someone sipping a smoothie in front of their pc in their pajamas all day.  Someone still has to pay the bills, do the laundry, and call the oil company before the tank runs dry (something I forgot to do last month).  Someone has to answer e mails, the phone, and the doorbell for the UPS guy.  Someone has to call the doctor and the cable company.  Someone has to tell Verizon they screwed up on the monthly bill by charging them for 611 callbacks made to them in Mexico.  Add to that the myriad contests, agent queries, submissions, and the act of writing itself, and it's easy to see how writers' friends often wonder if they're agoraphobic. Who has time for a social life?

So, in the interests of MAYBE getting to a movie this weekend I'm going to keep this short and hunt down a market for one of my short stories.  No pajamas.  No smoothie.  Just me.  Up to my ears in words.

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