Thursday, February 14, 2013

TWO BOOKS published this year!

Want to know about self-publishing?  I'm not-so-rapidly becoming an expert.  (Although some would argue that two books in one year is not too shabby in the rapid department). 

It's been a learning process and a covers (been through two graphic designers), formatting (learn about this BEFORE you write), and - the high bar of all obstacles - advertising.

It is with a mind to jumping this high bar that I'm asking you to SHARE this blog!  Please?  Pretty please with ink on top?  I would also appreciate reviews on Amazon.  If you've read one or both of my books, your opinion is solicited, esteemed, and appreciated.  I will even bake you a cake if you'll come pick it up in Jersey.  (No, sorry, it isn't "Joisey".)

I sincerely appreciate your support, your readership, your comments and reviews.  I'm currently working on a sequel to the first Brandy novel but it's going slowly because my pc crashed and FOUR back up drives failed to restore my files (I think one of the back up drives messed up the hard drive...but that's another story titled "Do Not Buy cheap Clickfree or Seagate Backup Drives").

Hugs to you all!  Please be patient while I redo this blog!