Thursday, March 26, 2009



I LOVE having writer friends! Had dinner with Pat Nash and discussed my new vampire short story with her. She said ONE WORD and the brick wall I was facing with the plot collapsed. Had breakfast at Lunacon with Pauline Alama (Eye of Night). She said ONE SENTENCE and I decided to rewrite the beginning of the story I'm submitting to Sword and Sorceress.

Of course, writer friends can also create a lot of extra work! ;-)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Greetings from Lunacon!

Spending the weekend in Rye, NY at the Hilton for Lunacon. Very productive experience. I'm feeling "in my element" surrounded by authors, agents, publishers and lots of people who like to dress up in costume! Went to a Steampunk ball last night. Dragged a purple satin Victorian dress from my closet (yes, I own these things as a matter of course. Hey! You never know when you're going to be in a movie based on a book by Jane Austen!) I dressed it up with some metal and a bike chain bracelet and I thought I pulled it off well enough for last minute notice (I found out about it yesterday afternoon.)

Today I went to panels, most of which were both fun and productive. (One was fun but NOT at all productive!)  Met Lucienne Diver from the Knightsbridge Agency, Michael Kabongo from Onyx Hawke, went to a panel on publishing contracts with Jane Jewell from SFFWA and Michele Lang.

Also met Mercedes Lackey, S. C. Butler, Pauline Alama (my roomie and the excellent author of Eye of Night), Lawrence Schoen of Paper Golem Press, Dave Freer, Mary Robinette Kowal, Misty Pendragon, Michele Land, Paul Levison, Jeff Lyman, Ben Yalow, Eddie Schneider from Jabberwocky, Nathan Lilly (who started Thaumatrope), Mary Aileen Buss of AASL, Aaron Rosenberg, Josepha Sherman of Sherman Editorial Services , Alma Alexander, Neil Clarke, Robert Katz, James Chambers, Laura Anne Gilman, Sean Fodera, Lawrence M. Schoen, Michael Walsh, and more. (I also saw a painting demonstration by Donato Giancola that made me want to burn every canvas in my house and donate my paintbrushes to the Salvation Army.)

My eyes are bloodshot from lack of sleep. I've been running around all day to panels and talking, eating, and sleeping writing.

I feel at home.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So...duh...I just realized my blog could be searched by...well, almost anyone.

I decided NOT to change that feature, that I wanted to share my erudition with the world (I'm just so magnanimous!).

Actually, I realized I haven't said anything (too) compromising yet and that if I keep personal bad habits out of the conversation, I'm probably safe.

I recall Dave Barry once saying that the writing process involved a lot of picking on your feet. YUK! Did I ever forget that? No. Did I ever DO that? (See sentence #3).