Sunday, June 14, 2015

Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon.  Urban legend has it that Mark Twain called it the "Grand Canyon of the Pacifc". Unfortunately, Twain never visited Kauai. 

But I did.  Up at my usual five am.  Jet lag?  Excitement?  No AC in the condo?  You pick.  I'm never up that early at home and, if I'm on that time frame when I return, I'll be sleeping in until one in the afternoon every day.

I was out the door for the long ride by seven and arrived at the entrance to the canyon by a bit after eight.  Missed the turn initially because I was talking to a real estate agent about the cost of property in Kauai.  I think I was in shock.  A $60K leasehold with fees of around $1700 a month?  A one bedroom studio for $369K?  Not happening unless Publisher's Clearing House knocks on this girl's door.

Once I found the road, I began the circuitous ascent in my trusty little rental car (nicknamed "Old Betsy") that immediately reminded me why folks rent four wheels out here.  It did not gracefully ascend.  It chugged.  But I dealt with it.

The difficulty presented itself in the numerous stops I made. There seemed to be a vista or sight every few minutes, and I wasn't going to miss one no matter how the vehicle complained about starting up the mountain again.

The next photo is just a taste of the canyon; it does not begin to give a true perspective on the vastness of this place. 

Lets try this next one where you can see the teeny-tiny people at the top of the waterfall.  If you are standing there with the sound of the birds and the power of the water rushing down...


and into an undercut that causes the it to disappear into the earth....

The water thunders here as it disappears.  All I could think of was where I might wind up if I fell in.'s absolutely awe-inspiring.

Don't ask how long the drive is to the last scenic view because I stopped so long at every one of them that it took me hours.

I stopped at scenes like this....

....and hiked up hills like this....

....for views like this.

I am in love with this island from the mountains, to the valleys, to the oceans white with foam.

Sorry, didn't mean to plagiarize but - God bless Kauai!  If that real estate agent can work some magic, it just might be home, sweet home.

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