Saturday, May 23, 2015


Ever see a house like this?

Me neither. 

When I passed this charmer in Tyringham, Massachusetts, I might have thought that I'd come upon the set of The Hobbitt had I not known that that's in New Zealand.

This is Santarella, former home of the sculptor Sir Henry Hudson Kitson.  The artist lived and worked here until 1947.

Originally the carriage house of a colonial homestead, Kitson labored to blend the architecture with the surrounding hills.  As you can see, he was highly successful.  He constructed - well, sculpted - the amazing 80-ton rolling roof from hand-cut sheets of asphalt in multiple colors chosen to coordinate with the fall scenery.  I can't imagine the amount of work.  Or the cost of the upkeep.  Perhaps that's why this lovely place is for sale.


This masterpiece has changed hands several times since Kitson passed on.  One owner turned it into a museum that gave tours, but I was disappointed to learn that there is no longer any way to get into the home unless you rent one of the out-buildings.  If you do so, you get a complimentary tour.  Since I'm not likely to rent a five bedroom home for myself, it's highly unlikely I will ever see the interior.

If you buy it, remember, you heard about it here.  Invite me over for a tour; I'd love to see the inside.

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