Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Highs and lows...

So, sometimes when you hand the wheel over to someone else to captain, the ship runs aground.

My friend had a great day planned with two or three sites to visit.  Unfortunately, our GPS was down and we kept getting lost.  Even worse, when we finally arrived at our first destination it was closed.  We consulted Google Maps for the next attraction only to discover that we had arrived in The Land of No Phone Service.  We proceeded to get lost again. 

This happened three times before we gave up and decided to get something to eat.

I was excited about lunch.  I'd heard about this great little Mexican restaurant, Xicohtencatl.  It had been featured on FoodNetwork.  It was highly recommended by a friend who traveled to the Berkshires every summer.

It was closed for lunch.

We had spent over 45 minutes looking for it.

Those were the low spots of the day.

The high was sugar. 

Every time we got lost, we seemed to happen upon a bakery. And we'd buy doughnuts. Lots of doughnuts. 

So what if we couldn't find Herman Melville's house?  We found French crullers!  The Bidwell Museum isn't going to open until the day after we leave?  That's okay, I think I saw a bakery about a mile back. 

Mmmm...chocolate glaze, great soother of souls and solace of the lost.
Saint Anthony may be the patron of lost items, but Saint Doughnut must be the patron of lost travelers and poor planners.

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