Saturday, January 9, 2016

Is This Traveling?

Is it still traveling if you are away from home searching for a home?  I'm currently staying in Wilmington, NC (aka "The Hollywood of the East" - since I have some experience character acting, that nickname was partially responsible for my choice).  Of course, I'm checking out the sights, but what I'm really looking for reads like a list for

Um....not this one.
Let me preface this by saying I'm being run out of my own state.  Not by the people, no.  I get along fine with most of my neighbors (with the exception of one household, the owner of which I have nicknamed "Breaking Bad"). It's the taxes (my sister is paying around $12K for a home that would go for around $250K or less here in NC), the insurance costs (house/car/medical = all high), the cold, the back-breaking snow shoveling, the twenty-one bags of leaves that constituted ONE bout with autumn last year, and finally - my bad here - the twenty-seven raised beds and six level waterfall I personally built with my bare hands on a steep, rocky hill over the space of ten+ years that I love but no longer want to spend time keeping in Better Homes and Gardens condition.

Just about HALF of my massive garden.  (All rocks dug and placed by yours truly.)
So the epic journey begins.  Again.  I've been considering a move for years. California.  Costa Rica.  Oregon.  Love them all but the distance from family gives me pause. "Do I belong here?" is the question that has been at the back of my mind in many of my travels.  I tick off the laundry list of things that make me comfortable and happy.  But, once again, the thought is at the forefront and the list is on paper and includes "fenced in yard".

So, is it traveling when you're looking for that place you will eventually call home?

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