Saturday, April 25, 2015

Journey to Adventure

Underwater mermaid colonies, teens fighting banshees - I like writing about things like that.  I also like relating non-fiction tales about my grandfather's wooden leg or my wild hippie college year in California c. 1969.  Oddly enough for an author, what I don't like writing about is writing.

Have no fear!  If you want to read about query letters, formatting, self-publishing, etc. there is a plethora of information about this on the internet.  But, long ago when I was a sheltered young thing wearing a plaid uniform to parochial school, I realized I would never be a writer if all I did was stay within the three square miles of my hometown in front of a piece of paper.  (We used to use paper to write on way back then.  Thank GOD for modern technology!)  I knew I wanted to live a life of adventure that would give me experiences to write about.  I wanted to love, laugh and learn about people and places so that my characters would be believable and whole.  (Before the critics start to carp, I know this is not the only way to write, but it is the path that best fits who I am.)

John Lennon said it best:  Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Single motherhood on a teacher's salary dashed dreams of overwater bungalows in exotic tropical locales.  For me, it was sleeping in teepees with my son on Boy Scout camping trips and aquarium visits with single parent groups.  While I enjoyed it all, I still longed to visit the places I saw as a child on Journey to Adventure with Gunther Less.  Yes, while my compatriots were glued to Howdy Doody*, I was watching travel shows.

Seriously, even people MY age do not remember Gunther Less, but along with Jacques Cousteau, he was one of my favorite TV personalities.  I would stare at films of far away places, listen to Gunther's German accented voice describe their enchantments, and think: "When I grow up, I want to go to all those places."

Well, I grew up and my son grew up and, while I'm far from rich, I managed to travel to at least SOME of those places.  And I visited many of them alone.

In this revamped blog, I will be writing about those journeys - physical and metaphoric, Outer Banks to inner soul.   I will also be writing about journeys to come as I find myself in my "senior years" with a limited income and (still) an unlimited desire to see the world. 

If you've ever dreamed of far away places and think it's too late to find them; if you dream of them now and don't know how you will ever fulfill those dreams; if you are alone and afraid to walk that road without a companion, I hope that you will read this blog and be inspired to start your own journey.

As Roy Rogers used to say:  "Happy Trails!"

*For you young 'uns, Howdy was sort of the Sponge Bob of the 50's.  Only live.  And with a clown.

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